Item collection 998441 original

Lavender Bunny amigurumi crochet plush


Item collection 998646 original

Arizona the Jackalope


Item collection 4485217 original

Watermelon pink bunny amigurumi crochet plush


Item collection 3394132 original

Wine and Red speckled bunny handspun


Item collection 3394142 original

Blue Purple and Pink striped bunny crochet plush


Item collection 3394138 original

Pink and Purple striped bunny plush


Item collection 3391223 original

pink and mauve speckled bunny


Item collection 2616902 original

violet amigurumi crochet plush bunny


Item collection 998464 original

Betty Bunny Amigurumi


Item collection 2616890 original

Amigurumi Wolpertinger, wolperdinger, jackalope


Item collection 1181440 original

Amigurumi Impressionist's Garden bunny tiny miniature


Item collection 998448 original

Autumn Purples Amigurumi crochet plush bunny


Item collection 998429 original

Rainbow bunny


Item collection 998453 original

Lotus amigurumi tiny dancer bunny ballerina


Item collection 998684 original

Carnation the bunny amigurumi SILK


Item collection 998434 original

Raspberry bunny amigurumi crochet plush


Item collection 998437 original

Matilda party dress amigurumi crochet plush bunny


Item collection 998532 original

Mai the amigurumi Pink Bunny


Item collection 998655 original

Dianthus the Amigurumi Bunny


Item collection 998638 original

Multicolor stripe TINY bunny


Item collection 998675 original

Patch Bunny


Item collection 998673 original

Red flitter bunny amigurumi


Silly Kitty

I live in Wisconsin and love making amigurumi (crochet plush) critters and monsters. I've been showing and selling these for about 6 years mostly at scifi conventions and on-line.
Recently I became enchanted by Ball Jointed Dolls and I'm also enjoying making things for them. I hope to have some vintage items as well.